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Project Assessments

Greenfern Dynamics specialises in assessments which assist customers in making worthwhile investment decisions and ensuring that those investments are appropriately sustained:

 Application Benefit Assessments

  • Expertise to help customers develop Advanced Control Implementation Strategies and Master Plans;
  • Evaluation of potential Advanced Control projects to provide a sound economic justification for profitable opportunities;
  • Evaluation of the economic benefits obtained from an installed Advanced Control application to assist with maintenance prioritisation and project post auditing.

 Technology Selection

Greenfern Dynamics can assist customers to cut through the sales hype and understand what technology is appropriate for their specific process and organisational needs. Our independent view of the automation market has helped customers efficiently and confidently move on to the implementation phase with the knowledge that their benefit objectives will be met.

Regulatory Control Expertise

Greenfern Dynamics specialises in all aspects of regulatory control design and maintenance:

Development of Traditional Advanced Regulatory Control

Greenfern has extensive experience in the implementation of appropriate traditional advanced control schemes to improve process performance with minimal investment. These techniques can leverage the functionality available in the DCS to provide maximum value without introduction of new technologies.

Expert Design Input to Major Projects

Assistance with front end design of regulatory control for green field (and significant brown field) developments has helped customers augment the design expertise of their EPC engineers. The inclusion of design expertise gained through practical application of appropriate techniques on operating plants ensures that commissioning goes smoothly and performance is maximised well into the future.

Commissioning support during startup of new plant or major projects has helped clients ensure that unforeseen hurdles are quickly overcome and controller tuning is optimised early.

Optimisation of Basic Regulatory Control

Greenfern can also help with the evaluation of regulatory control performance, controller tuning and loop design on operating plants. This is often a very cost effective (yet forgotten) opportunity to improve process profitability with minimal cost.

Advanced Control Engineering

Greenfern Dynamics specialises in the all phases of Advanced Control application development:

MPC Project Design and Implementation

Greenfern employs multivariable predictive control (MPC) technologies coupled with traditional techniques to deliver appropriate and maintainable process control solutions that yield sustained benefits. Projects are structured to maximise technology transfer to customer team members. For customers with a strong in-house capability,  we provide skilled resource to augment the project team at any point in the MPC project cycle.

Our engineers are expert users of the leading MPC technologies and are trained to provide services for the following MPC products:

  • MAX APC from Cutler Technology Corporation
  • DMCplus® from AspenTech
  • PredictPro™ from Emerson Process Management
  • Profit Controller™ (RMPCT) from Honeywell
  • SMOCPro and RQEPro from Shell / Yokogawa

The Greenfern design approach maximises customer value by ensuring that regulatory control design review is included in the MPC project. This approach accelerates the flow of benefits to the customer and improves the performance of the final application.

Product Quality Prediction Development

Greenfern develops reliable product quality predictions based on engineering principles. These on-line predictions can substantially improve the performance of MPC applications and often negate the need for expensive on-line analysers.

Dynamic Optimisation

Advanced regulatory controls and multivariable controls enable operators to maintain the plant closer to the optimum operating point. However, this capability is only truly beneficial if the location of the optimum is known. In fact, an advanced control scheme that consistently pushes the plant in the wrong direction will often do more harm than good.

One of the key attributes of the Greenfern consultancy team is an in-depth understanding of the operation and the economics of various industrial plants, gained from extensive work experience from operating and consulting companies. This enables our consultants to advise on the optimisation of industrial plants, including the selection of appropriate technology for on-line optimisation.

Application Maintenance

Greenfern Dynamics specialises in the a complete range of application maintenance services:

Application Maintenance Support

  • Application Health Checks (performance evaluation providing recommended remedial action to regain loss benefits and improve benefits above the original datum);
  • Application Revamps (to accommodate process modifications and leverage design evolution to improve benefits);
  • Development of sustainable Application Maintenance Procedures and Programmes.

APC Technology Software Upgrades

Greenfern has helped clients efficiently migrate applications to new hardware and/or technology platforms whilst maximising the flow of application benefits.